Trial Period Memo

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Upon accepting employment at Martin Avenue Pharmacy Inc., each associate agrees to observe all rules of the Company and agrees to perform satisfactorily any such duties as may be assigned from time to time. The first 90 calendar days of employment is a trial period for all associates. During this period, associates must demonstrate a basic ability to perform their tasks and to function as members of the Martin Avenue Pharmacy, Inc. team. A manager may review your work with you during the trial to provide feedback regarding how your performance compares with company expectations.

During and at the end of the 90 Day Trial Period, the job performance of each associate will be reviewed. Satisfactory performance of all job duties is expected and required at all times during and after the trial period. Successful completion of the trial period does not result in guaranteed employment for any period of time. Furthermore, neither hours of work, which may be assigned at any time, nor any other act or circumstances shall constitute a guarantee of employment.