Armour Thyroid / Nature-Throid™

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Armour Thyroid / Nature-Throid TM, a natural thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, is currently unavailable with no known restocking date.

Armour Thyroid Commercial

Martin Avenue Pharmacy, Inc. is able to assist patients who are currently taking the unavailable Armour Thyroid / Nature-Throid TM medication. Though the art of compounding, Martin Avenue Pharmacy is able to compound or make a natural pure dessicated thyroid porcine medication thereby allowing patients on Armour Thyroid / Nature-Throid TM to continue treatment.

So how is this done? Through compounding (the art and science of making medication), Martin Avenue Pharmacy is able to compound / make a more natural and similar product to Armour Thyroid / Nature-Throid TM . This is done by using similar more natural ingredients like grass feed pigs instead of corn fed pigs which is how Armour Thyroid is made. The end result is patients are able to continue their treatment, while Armour Thyroid / Nature-Throid TM is currently unavailable.

So how can a compounded medication be filled? This can be done in the following manners:

  • Patients can take their current medication bottle to their standard physician and have their current physician’s office contact Martin Avenue pharmacy directly to authorize a medication to be filled / refilled. Call us at (630) 355-6400.
  • Patients can contact Martin Avenue Pharmacy directly with their prescription information.

Once contacted, Martin Avenue Pharmacy will ask the patient their physician’s contact information and contact that physician directly for you. Once authorization is granted by the licensed physician, Martin Avenue Pharmacy can then process your order via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) and ship that medication in an unmarked package directly to the designated shipping address.

Martin Avenue Pharmacy is dedicated to bringing you the medications you need when you need them. Thyroid medication and Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy are our specialty. For over thirty six years Martin Avenue Pharmacy, Inc. has been helping patients through compounding.

Updated Statement from Forest Laboratories
Re: Availability of Armour Thyroid:

Forest Laboratories understands how frustrating the back order situation of Armour Thyroid has been for patients, and we apologize for the supply interruption.

We understand that this limited distribution will not meet the current anticipated demand for the product, and we continue to work diligently to meet demand.

Although Forest is addressing the backlog of Armour Thyroid as quickly as possible, we are not prepared at this time to give a definitive date by which the product will be fully restocked.

In the meantime, we encourage patients to speak with their physician regarding appropriate treatment for their condition.