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Bio-Identical Hormones: “Discover the Hormone Connection”

Suzanne Somers’ new book and interviews on Larry King Live , The Today Show , and other programs have generated many questions about the benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (B-HRT).   The Sexy Years: Discover the Hormone Connection: The Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, and Vitality, for Women and Men (© 2004, Crown Publishing Group) is a culmination of Suzanne’s years of research to find an alternative to and avoid the side effects of synthetic hormones for relief of menopausal symptoms, and to restore her vitality. After being thin and fit and full of energy, Suzanne herself encountered the “Seven Dwarfs of Menopause-Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful, and All-Dried-Up”. Instead of living out the rest of her life cranky, sleep-deprived, and with no libido, Suzanne set out to discover how she could get her mind, body, and life back and found the solution in bio-identical hormones. She claims she has discovered her “fountain of youth” and feels 30 years old again. She describes her personal bout with breast cancer, and shares personal insight, patient stories, and testimonials. The book also discusses andropause and how men can take bio-identical hormones and regain the strength and energy they had in their youth. Suzanne supports her own research and experiences with the expertise of leading doctors in the field of women’s and men’s health.

Diana Schwarzbein, M.D., an endocrinologist, advocates cycling progesterone, because “continuously combining an estrogen with a progestin on a daily basis makes the patient more insulin resistant.” She blames both the use of synthetic hormones and continuous combined therapy for the problems reported by the Women’s Health Initiative: an increased incidence of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots. Dr. Schwarzbein works with compounding pharmacies and attempts to mimic normal physiology with the use of bio-identical hormones, recommends bio-identical hormones for life, and monitors therapy with blood levels.

Uzzi Reiss, M.D., is board certified in obstetrics-gynecology and anti-aging medicine, and author of Natural Hormone Balance for Women. He has an innovative medical practice specializing in anti-aging medicine for men and women, and a gynecological practice based on nutritional and hormonal approaches. He also advocates cyclic bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, blood tests, and working with compounding pharmacies. He believes that an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone creates disease, and that cancer results from a lack of progesterone. Dr. Reiss also discusses the importance of testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, and adrenal hormones.

The final interview was with sisters Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Laura Berman, founders of the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA and the Berman Center in Chicago, hosts of the The Berman and Berman Show: For Women Only on Discovery Health, and authors of For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life. Dr. Laura Berman is a female sex therapist and Dr. Jennifer Berman is a urologist, and both discuss the use of testosterone in various dosage forms for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

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