Compounding Devices

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Martin Avenue Pharmacy utilizes the proper device when dispensing a compounded prescription. This utilization of the proper dispensing device enhances the patient’s administration of the drug. Martin Avenue Pharmacy utilizes the following devices when dispensing a compounded product: Note: Martin Avenue Pharmacy does not sell these devices. We only use them to help patients and compound medications.



Premeasured Bottle
Suppository Molds and Shells
Suppository Boxes
Troche Molds
Drawn Syringes
Movable Bottom Jars
Adapta Caps with 1ml and 5ml Oral Syringes
Prefilled Straws
Flip-Top Lotion Bottles
Dispenser Premeasured
Mixing Jars for Electro Mortar and Pestle and Applicator Tips
Single and Double Walled Ointment Jars
Metal and Plastic Ointment Tubes
Serum Bottles-Sterile
Unidose Sterile Vials
Other Devices are available
Nasal Metered Pump Sprayer
Pressure Spray Bottle
Powder Shakers
Dental Tip Syringe
Dial-a-Dose Syringe
Syringe Attachments
Micron Filters-Luer Fitting-Rectal and Vaginal Luer
Sponge top bottles
Roll On
Stick Applicator
Dauber Cap and Bottle
Domed Tubes
Enemas and Douche Bottles
Nasal Squee