Dosage Forms

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Some of our Dosage Forms are:

arrow4 Capsules: Sustained Release, Enteric Coated

arrow4 Chapsticks

arrow4 Creams: topical, rectal, Vaginal disposable applicators,etc.

arrow4 Ear Drops: Solutions & Suspension

arrow4 Enemas

arrow4 Eye Drops: Sterile and Preservative Free

arrow4 Gels: Topical and Oral

arrow4 Injectables

arrow4 Liquids

arrow4 Lotions

arrow4 Mouthrinses

arrow4 Nasal Sprays+Solutions

arrow4 Non-Aerosol Sprays: Nasal, Oral, Topical and other

arrow4 Ointments

arrow4 Opthalmics

arrow4 Otics

arrow4 Patches

arrow4 Pellet Implants

arrow4 Powders

arrow4 Pulmonary Inhalation Preparations

arrow4 Suppositories: rectal, vaginal

arrow4 Suspensions

arrow4 Syrups: Pain Cocktails, Discontinued
and Customized Cough Syrups, Other

arrow4 Tablets

arrow4 Troches (Sublingual)

arrow4 Urethral Inserts

arrow4 Vaginal Individualized Applicators