Exotic Pet Flavor Suggestions – by James E. Paoletti, RPh

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Exotic and Zoo Animals
Animal Comment Flavor
Elephant Flavor and inject suspension into a favorite food; neutralize the bitterness, use lots of stevia if needed; they need to avoid shots, which easily cause abscesses. Check what the handler is able to do. Can he / she shoot the liquid into the mouth? Options: Put nonbitter liquid on bread, cover with vegetables. Apple, apple / peanut butter, cantaloupe, watermelon, raspberry

They differ in what they like – check with handler. Some things that have worked: cantaloupe, pumpkin, orange, chewing tobacco.

Primates Hide the bitterness and numerous flavors will work. Banana, raspberry, apricot, orange, peach, chocolate
Colobus Monkey Carrot, sweet potato, leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce), banana, apple
Baby Brush Monkey Banana, apple, carrot
Ostrich They are attracted to bright colors, especially green. Strawberry, raspberry, tutti-frutti
Chinchillas Banana, tutti-frutti
Armadillo Canned dog food, bacon
Orangutan Apricot nectar
Zebra Apple, apple / caramel
Bears Honey, licorice
Tigers, Lions Don’t get too close. Chicken, liver, beef, turkey, bacon, meats (preferably fresh kill or live)
Coyotes Watermelon, meat flavors
Rhinoceros Apple
Sea Lions Captive (inland) sea lions need sodium chloride supplementation. Put into a fish.
Farm Animals
Animal Comment Flavor
Equine Horses need large amounts in reasonable volumes; use thick suspensions or pastes. Apple, apple / caramel, caramel, cherry, sweets, butterscotch, molasses, honey, alfalfa, clover, maple
Cattle Eggnog, anise, anise / licorice, alfalfa, maple, molasses, honey, clover
Poultry Vanilla, butternut, watermelon, cantaloupe, milk, corn
Emu They are attracted to bright colors, especially yellow. Cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwi, honey dew, strawberry, tutti-frutti
Swine Try mixing the drug with peanut butter and roll it in corn flakes. Anisette, cherry, anise, sarsaparilla, licorice, peanut butter, honey
Goat It is not true that they will eat anything. Molasses, honey, apple, caramel, cherry