Flavors for Exotics

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This is a list of some of our more exotic flavors for you and your exotic pet. We have access to many different flavors. Medicine can once again go down smoothly and without a funny face.

Exotic animals are just that exotic. And when they get sick, you probably need an exotic flavored medication. Well, Martin Avenue Pharmacy custom compounds exotic animal medications into forms and flavors they like. So whether your Cockatoo has a cold, or your ferret has the flu. From Aardvarks to Zebras, Martin Avenue Pharmacy can help your exotic animal get better.

Suggestions: Every animal is different. If you are having trouble deciding which flavor your exotic or farm animal might like – click here

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Exotics favorite flavors below!
Apple – Caramel
Apple Danish Pastry
Apple Spice
Apple Root Beer
Apricot Creme
Apricot Melange
Banana Coconut
Blueberry Creme
Blueberry Melange
Butter Brickle
Cantaloupe Creme
Caramel Butter Fudge
Cherry – Cola
Cherry – Custard
Cherry – Root Beer
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate – Marshmallow
Chocolate Creme
Citrus Mixture
Custard – Mint – Berry
Dutch Apple Pie
Eggnog Custard
Fruity Bubble Gum
Fruit Creme
Fruit Custard
Grape Citrus
Grape Emulsion
Green Creamy Mint
Green Dragon Melon
Green Dragon Mint
Hawaiian Coconut
Hawaiian Pineapple
Lemon – Custard
Lemon – Lime
Lemon – Supreme
Melon Creme
Orange Emulsion
Peach Melange
Peach Creme
Peanut Butter
Peachy Nut
Pineapple Creme
Raspberry Creme
Raspberry Mint
Raspberry Fruit Mix
Red Creamy Mint
Root Beer Float
Strawberry Creme
Tango Creme
Tangerine Creme
Toffee Butter Rum
Tropical Banana
Tropical Cherry Sunrise
Wild Berry-Berry
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