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img_customcAlthough over 60% of the medications filled during the 1930’s and 1940’s were compounded, only a few pharmacies have the proper laboratories and capabilities to make compounded medications in the 1990’s. Specialized medications require special chemicals and equipment. Our compounding laboratory is filled with hundreds of specialized chemicals, devices and equipment. To get a better understanding on what equipment and devices we use click down below.


By using the proper equipment when preparing compounded medications, it not only makes the medication easier to make, but also enhances the effectiveness and overall appearance of the finished pharmaceutical product. Martin Avenue Pharmacy can create or modify a medication by utilizing the simplest pieces of equipment including the mortar and pestle.


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Note: Martin Avenue Pharmacy uses these equipment and devices to help their patients ensure correct dosing. We do not sell these equipment or devices without a prescription being filled. Click here for more information


Martin Avenue Pharmacy utilizes the proper device when dispensing a compounded prescription. This utilization of the proper dispensing device enhances the patient’s administration of the drug. Martin Avenue Pharmacy utilizes the following devices when dispensing a compounded product:

Note: Martin Avenue Pharmacy does not sell these devices. We only use them to help patients and compound medications. Click here for more information