Phenobarbital Problems and Solutions

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Phenobarbital: Problems and Solutions

While phenobarbital is often used in veterinary medicine to treat
seizure disorders, there are several concerns with its use:

there are no commercially available veterinary approved products
phenobarbital tablets for human use are small, hard, and unscored,
making them difficult to divide for individualized dosing
phenobarbital elixir has a high alcohol content, which is problematic
for cats or any species when chronically administered
phenobarbital induces CYP450 hepatic enzymes which can result in substantial drug interactions with oral anticoagulants, steroids, antibiotics, beta-blockers, theophylline, etc.
phenobarbital is contraindicated in dogs with hepatic disease

Our compounding pharmacy can prepare an alcohol-free, appropriately
flavored oral suspension, which is highly bio-available and very easy to
use when administering a loading dose (initial higher dose to quickly
achieve high drug levels in the animal) or when a flexible dose is
needed. Once the maintenance dose is established, the dosage form can be
switched to a capsule (with a lower risk of mis-dosing by the owner) or
a flavored chewable medicated “treat”, with the added benefit of high
patient acceptance.

Please contact our compounding pharmacy for more information about
customized medications for pets and exotic animals. Future updates will
discuss other treatments for seizures in animals.

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