Skin Inflammation in Dogs

  • Sumo

Skin Inflammation and Allergy in Dogs

Allergy symptoms resulting in skin inflammation is known as atopy or atopic dermatitis. This problem typically appears between one and three years of age, and progressive worsening is typical. Dogs with atopic dermatitis often have concurrent allergies and are prone to relapsing skin and ear infections, which significantly contribute to their discomfort level. Absorption of allergens through the skin may be the most relevant route of exposure in dogs, and may be
reduced with topical therapy. Antihistamines often work better as preventive
measures than as treatment, but may be the only therapy needed for animals with seasonal or mild to moderate signs. Several preparations, including glucocorticoids and anesthetics, can be used to decrease itching and relieve pain. Much research has been done in recent years to identify effective and
safe alternative treatments for atopic dermatitis. For animals with severe
or year-round clinical signs, immunotherapy (modification of the immune response) may be the best long-term therapy. Immunotherapy is effective
in 60% to 80% of cases and is especially indicated in young animals.
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