Trouble with Pilling the Cat

  • Sumo

Trouble with “Pilling the Cat”?

Check out the studies of Transdermal Drug Delivery!

This method of drug delivery involves incorporating the active drug into an
appropriate base that can be applied to the skin and allow the drug to be absorbed transdermally (“across the skin”), instead of via the
gastrointestinal system.

The Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory of Texas A&M University College of
Veterinary Medicine has recently started studies with the use of transdermal drug delivery, using gel technology. These studies, funded by a grant from the Morris Animal Foundation, will take place overthe next 2 years (2002-2003) and are targeted to identify drugs that can be used in a transdermal formulation in dogs and cats. The drugs currently being considered for the studies are:

-Cyclosporine -Prednisolone
-Diazepam -Metoclopramide
-Theophylline -Phenobarbital
-Morphine -Amikacin
-Enrofloxacin -Fentanyl
-Insulin -Lidocaine

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