Twentieth Century Pharmacy

  • Sumo

img_custommedMartin Avenue Pharmacy was founded on Friday the 13th, in April of 1973, by Tom Marks, with the philosophy of meeting patients’ special needs. When the store first opened, the first employee working in Martin Avenue Pharmacy was Tom’s mom. In order to keep with the tradition of keeping the business in the family, now his first born son, Matthew Marks, is working full time in the store, along with many other employees.

Although the store location has not changed for over twenty four years, the store has increased in size. When Martin Avenue Pharmacy was first opened, the store size was 400 square feet. However, after five renovations, the store now occupies over 2,000 square feet in a medical building in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The most recent renovation was completed in April of 1997. In this last renovation, the compounding laboratory tripled in size and a sterile compounding room with a laminar flow hood was added.

Throughout the existence of Martin Avenue Pharmacy, the store has been able to meet special needs and provide solutions for unique medical problems. One way Martin Avenue Pharmacy meets patients’ special needs is through the art of compounding. Some treatments may not be possible with commercially available products. However, by compounding medications, an alternative method of treatment may be possible. Therefore, compounding is one of the ways Martin Avenue Pharmacy is providing solutions to meet patients’ special needs.

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