What’s in a base?

  • Sumo

“What’s in a base?” The Importance of Proper Formulation

When patients do not respond to or have difficulty taking commercially
available medications, physicians often request that we compound the
needed drug into a new dosage form, such as a transdermal gel. Patients
and healthcare professionals are familiar with topical creams and
ointments, because many times they have used these types of medications
to treat rashes and other skin conditions. However, when medication is
administered transdermally to produce an effect elsewhere in the body,
common “Vaseline”-type preparations are not effective bases. In fact,
when a prescription for a compounded medication is not prepared using
the specialized chemicals needed to facilitate systemic drug absorption,
the outcome is often stated “it didn’t work.” As compounding
professionals, we consider the desired extent and rate of absorption of
the medication(s), the most appropriate site of application due to
distribution of body fat and muscle, and cosmetic acceptance of the base
(moisturizing, non-greasy). If you are unable to swallow or are
experiencing side effects, ask us about transdermal administration of
your medications.

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