"Mort" 'N "Pesty"

Origin:   Mortar
Age:   59 Yrs Old
Color:   Bronze
Eyes:   Blue
Height:   5 1/2 inches
Diameter:   7 inches
Weight:   2 1/2 lb.
Origin: Pestle
Age: 9 Yrs Old
Color: Brass
Eyes: Blue
Height: 7 inches
Weight: 1/2 lb.

Martin Avenue Pharmacy is proud to introduce our new spokespeople, "Mort" and "Pesty". The characters are derived from the mortar and pestle, the classic tools of pharmacy. "Mort" (the mortar) is older, wiser, and straight to the point; while "Pesty" (the pestle), is younger, rambunctious, and over eager. While both characters know pharmacy, because they are tools of the trade, "Mort" knows more than he lets on, and "Pesty" lets on more than he knows. Look for "Mort" and "Pesty" on your local cable channels & in newspaper ads, today.

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