pet insulin

Animals are just like humans, they can contract the same types of diseases as humans. One of these diseases is Diabetes. Veterinarians and animal care specialists are now faced with the dilemma that PZI insulin for diabetic animals is no longer produced by a major manufacturer. It has been commercially unavailable. Through the process called compounding, Martin Avenue Pharmacy is able to compound protamine zinc powder insulin (PZI) and has been for several years. PZI insulin is an injectable given to the animals given subcutaneously. It can be a prescribed by your veterinarian. By compounding PZI insulin, our animal patients that come in the store feeling lousy can leave with their insulin and once again live a normal life.

We are able to UPS, FedEx, or Priority mail this medication to you. To place an order for this medication please mail or have your veterinarian call us. Martin Avenue Pharmacy Inc. will also need the following information:

1. Pet's First and Last Name
2. Owner's First and Last Name
3. Shipping Address including Street, City, State and Zip Code
4. Telephone Number including Area Code
5. Method of Payment: Visa, Master Card or Discover Number
6. For any further questions please call 630-355-6400

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