Drug Shortages

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drugshortageLatest Drug Shortages


Medications may be commercially unavailable for a variety of reasons, the most common being:

  • back-ordered due to a manufacturing problem
  • discontinued due to decreased usage or declining manufacturer profits, which may be related to the introduction of a newer drug

(Note: Drugs are also withdrawn from the market due to health risks, and we do not compound medications that were discontinued due to safety concerns.)

Sometimes only certain doses and dosage forms of a particular drug, or specific combinations are discontinued.

Our professional pharmacists can help by obtaining the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and compounding the needed drug in the most appropriate dose, dosage form, and flavor for each patient. We can also compound medications that are free of problem-causing additives such as sugar, alcohol, preservatives, dyes, and gluten. We utilize the finest FDA approved chemicals, follow current USP guidelines, and are licensed and regulated by our State Board of Pharmacy.

Shortages of Oral and Topical Medications:
Azathioprine Tablets
Dichloralphenazone/Isometheptene/Acetaminophen Capsules
Memantine HCl 14 and 21 mg Capsules
Reserpine Tablets
Sumatriptan Nasal Spray

Shortages of Veterinary Medications

Shortages of Injections, Ophthalmic Preparations, and other Sterile Medications:
Ammonium Chloride Injection
Atropine Sulfate Injection
Caffeine Anhydrous (125mg/mL); Sodium Benzoate (125mg/mL) Injection
Calcium Chloride Injection
Calcium Gluconate Injection
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection
Dextrose Injection
Epinephrine Injection
Leucovorin Calcium Injection
Lidocaine Injection
Potassium Chloride Injection
Sodium Chloride Injection
Tobramycin Injection
Vancomycin HCl for Injection

Discontinued Medications:
Achromycin® Ointment
Actifed®, Actifed-C® Liquid
Azulfidine Liquid
Chlorpromazine Oral Solution and Suppositories
Chlortrimeton® Solution
Cortef® Suspension
Desonide® Otic
Dexamethasone – various
Dilantin® Suspension
Hydergine® Liquid
Indomethacin Suppositories
Isoniazid Liquid
Meclan® Cream
Minocycline Suspension
Mycelex-G® Vaginal Tablets
Nystatin Suspension
Nystatin Vaginal Tablets
Thioridazine Suspension
Triamcinolone Acetonide
Trimethobenzamide Suppositories
Vancomycin Liquid
Whitfield’s Ointment

In addition to the above, there are countless products and “remedies” that are no longer commercially available, but that physicians and patients report are very useful in treating a specific problem. Ask our compounding pharmacist for more information.


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