• Sumo

Water-Soluble Mucosal Delivery System for Use in Compounding

Introducing MucoLox, a revolutionary mucosal delivery system that provides long-lasting coverage and increased contact time. This innovative base can be used alone or with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in a variety of potential formulations, including oral, rectal, vaginal and esophageal/gut preparations as well as wound care.

MucoLox’s one-of-a-kind polymer network provides improved moisturization and protection, but won’t easily wash away, bonding to the mucosa to create a powerful but lightweight coating effect. When used with APIs, MucoLox’s advanced adhesive properties help create the slower release of the API, leading to possible improved contact time of the API to the mucosa.

MucoLox is pleasant tasting with a slight sweetness and can be diluted with water to adjust the viscosity and coating effects.
Ideal for:

  • Dental/oral rinse/mouthwash
  • oral moisturizer/protectant
  • esophageal suspension
  • swish/spit/swallow formulas
  • wound care
  • rectal or vaginal conditions
  • enemas
  • lip therapy

Contains no dye, gluten, casein, dairy, soy, egg, nuts, ethanol, parabens, propylene glycol, or flavors.mucolox_howitworks