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Perio04The Perio Protect Method™ utilizes a patented and custom-made medical device, called a Perio Tray™, to deliver antimicrobial medication interproximally and subgingivally right to the site of the infection to address the pathogens causing the disease. The Perio Tray™ is prescribed by a certified dentist for an individual patient and is fabricated with a special, patented seal and an extension corresponding to the scope and magnitude of the individual patient’s disease. Certified dentists send a script with periodontal probing evaluations to a dental laboratory registered with the FDA. The dental laboratory uses the best quality materials to customize each tray according to the probing evaluations and produces the most effective seal to deliver medications into the sulcus. Turn-around time for Perio Tray™ fabrication is approximately two weeks. The Perio Trays™ have the Perio Protect™ logo embedded in the tray material. Be sure your patients’ trays have the logo to guarantee compliance with federal law and to ensure the best quality of the tray.

Perio05The frequency and duration that patients wear their trays depend on the severity of their disease. This is discussed in detail in the certification process, but for most patients, this amounts to minutes each day. The special, patented seal on the Perio Tray™ maintains the medications in the gingival sulcus or periodontal pocket for a sufficient amount of time to overcome the problem of crevicular flow. When medications are delivered with the Perio Tray™, the medications can penetrate the bacterial biofilm, control the infection, and allow the host to heal.

For slides from one of the world’s leading microbiologists who used scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to complete cellular evaluations in order to determine the effects of the Perio Protect Method™ on the infection causing subgingival biofilm, click here. SEM cell counts at 17 days of direct application of medication with the Perio Tray™ determined that greater than 99.98% of the periopathogens were eradicated. This is an important observation for long-term care because with the Perio Protect Method™ dental professionals are able to control the environment, see a decrease in those bacterial present in an unhealthy environment, and help establish an environment where the bacteria of a healthy sulcus are found.

Patients recognize the value of the Perio Protect Method™ because it makes it possible to address the pathogens at the tissue level in a non-invasive way that is easy, simple and comfortable. Patients – especially those who have had a deep cleaning or any periodontal surgery – marvel at how comfortable the Perio Trays™ are and how easy it is to use them. Patients also receive quick positive feedback with the trays. They will feel almost immediately how much cleaner their mouth is and they will notice fresher breath. There is a recall system built into the method for your professional evaluation and modified wearing instructions. As healing occurs, patients will wear their trays less often. The modified instructions from dental professionals reinforce the progress that patients already see and feel. The goal is to get the disease under control and to have patients follow a maintenance schedule for long-term homecare therapy.

Another good reason that patients opt for the Perio Protect Method™ is that it reduces the cost of treating their periodontal disease. When medications are delivered with the patented Perio Trays™, the medications denature the biofilm and modify the calculus, making scaling and root planing easier and less extensive. In many cases a full mouth S&RP can be reduced after patients use the Perio Trays™ to a site-specific one. When surgery cannot be avoided for a patient with severe disease, the Perio Protect Method™ helps patients maintain their post-surgical results and often avoid additional invasive treatments. These health benefits are also all financially beneficial. Patients who see a cost comparison analysis understand the value immediately.

The benefits for patients are also good for hygienists. The Perio Protect Method™ fits well into current treatment regimes without incurring additional overhead costs. It gives you an excellent tool to be used in conjunction with your current therapies, making those therapies more effective, and also offers the only non-invasive long-term treatment option.

Your special care patients benefit greatly from this non-invasive method as seen in the June 2006 Dentistry Today, Management of Periodontitis for HIV-AIDS Patients. Assisted living patients who have difficulties brushing and flossing can also now have an effective answer to their oral healthcare concerns.

Hygienists wanting to learn more about the Perio Protect Method™ are encouraged to attend a one-day continuing education seminar offered in major US cities. The seminar offers 7 continuing education credits and tuition is purposely kept affordable at $85 to make it possible for hygienists and dental assistants to attend. For a schedule of Perio Protect™ seminars, please click here.

A good article explaining the different periodontal treatments currently available and offering 4 CEUs can be found at CE Digest by clicking here.

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