Medicated Chewies for Pets

  • Sumo

Medicated “Chewies” for Pets

If you have problems medicating your pet, and are tired of the
squirming, scratching, and spitting, we can help you! We can compound
medications into chewable pet treats and flavor them to entice even the
most finicky pet. Since each “chewie” contains a specified dose of
medication, there is a lower risk of a pet receiving an incorrect dose
than when a portion of a tablet or a liquid is administered. Medicated treats can be flavored with liver or beef for your dog. Cats usually enjoy chicken or fish flavors. Raspberry may be preferred by rodents, and tutti fruitti is a favorite
of exotic pets.

If you have difficulty medicating your pet, please contact us. Our compounding professionals will work together with you and your veterinarian to solve your medication problems.

We welcome your questions and your medication problems!

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